• What makes the Porsche 911 so special

    30/06/2016 15:29:32

    porsche 911
    If you're asked to think of the most iconic sports car of all time, there's a very good chance that the classic bright red Porsche 911 would come to mind. And there's a reason for that.
    It's not just the glorious eye-catchi

  • 993... The holy grail for the Porsche purists out there

    28/06/2016 09:34:42

    Porsche 933

    Mention the Porsche 993 model to any true Porsche enthusiast and you will see their eyes light up and yet mist over in the same moment. The reason for such mixed feelings is that the 993 was one of the last truly hand-built Porsches, and was the last 911 model to eve

  • Second gen Panamera on the way

    10/05/2016 15:13:53

    Porsche Logo

    The second generation Porsche Panamera will make its debut at the Paris Motor Show in autumn and it will be lighter and more fuel-efficient.

    The Panamera has not been a smash hit on these shores, although it has sold big in China and the US. The second

  • Classic Porsche 911 in Oxfordshire

    24/03/2016 09:54:48

    Porsche 911

    Even the most ambitious hedge fund will have struggled to match the appreciating value of a classic Porsche 911 in recent times. Just a few years ago, the 1973 RS could be had for £60,000, now they are changing hands for £250,000 and the rare lightweights

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