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  • The history of The Porsche


    Think of iconic, fast sports cars and Porsche is likely to be the first name that springs to mind. From its early beginnings, to this very day, the Porsche brand has continued to lead the way in sports car innovation.

    Engineer Ferdinand Porsche was a dab hand at designing vehicles long before the Porsche brand was born. He was responsible for the creation of the Volkswagen Beetle in 1931. Together with his son, also Ferdinand, the pair set up a workshop with 200 employees and created the first edition Porsche, the 356, in 1948. Despite it resembling a Volkswagen, and only capable of speeds up to 87 mph, it was well received.

    During the 1950s, more powerful versions of the 356 were developed, and in 1964, the legendary 911 was born. During the next five years, the 911 range was developed to include aspects such as larger engines and fuel injection. By 1969, 14,000 models were rolled out, requiring expansion of the production factory near Stuttgart, and just a couple of years later, a new research and development centre in Germany was established.

    A number of front-engine models were created in the 1970s, including the four-cylinder 924, and the first V-8 engined 928. The 944 and 944 Turbo followed on, and during the early 1990s, the 968 was made. By 1995, Porsche discontinued making its front-engine models, the 968 and the 928, and instead focused on the rear-engine 911 and the mid-engine Boxster.

    By 2000, the Boxster S with a 3.2 litre, 250-horsepower engine was developed, and the Carrera GT, capable of speeds up to 200 mph, was also unveiled. Not long after, the Cayenne came on the scene using high-tech engine technology. By 2008, Porsche celebrated the production of 200,000 of these models. The Boxster Spyder and Panamera models later followed, as well as enhancements to the pioneering 911 model.

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