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  • What you need to know when buying a used Porsche

    Porsche Boxster

    When it comes to vehicles, phrases like “iconic” and “legendary” are all too often bandied about for brands that are anything but. In Porsche’s case, however, such compliments are well-deserved. Models like the 911 have been capturing the hearts and minds of motoring enthusiasts for over 50 years. Put simply, Porsche combines speed, reliability and usability into one unique package – and with that in mind, it’s no small wonder that second hand Porsches are always in high demand.

    Are there any advantages to buying a second hand Porsche?

    Because the majority of Porsche models are highly customisable, chances are that if you buy one from a used car dealer, there’ll be a host of upgrades and options added by the previous owner, which essentially means you’re getting a custom-modified machine for a fraction of the cost.

    Another good reason to consider a second hand Porsche is that many previous owners are collectors or choose only to drive them on weekends, so you can guarantee you’ll be able to find one that has low mileage (quite why anyone would want to restrict their enjoyment of a Porsche to a particular time or day is beyond us, though – 911s, Caymans and Boxsters are actually great cars for daily driving and function great on the daily commute).

    Porsche and engineering expertise

    Perhaps the main reason to purchase a second hand Porsche boils down to the fact that they are incredibly well-engineered vehicles. This means that a Porsche from a good used dealership should be in excellent working condition and require very little maintenance over the years. Porsche build their cars to be driven hard for hours at a time, and unless you’re particularly neglectful, chances are a used Porsche won’t give you any hassle.